Generic movies.

November 29, 2007 - One Response

I really dislike movies (note, “movies”) where the main character is developed entirely around their career because that is the only thing us Americans can relate to. A good example would be “Along Came Polly“. Although I think Ben Stiller is a funny guy, (The Royal Tenenbaums, Zoolander, etc) his role as a risk analyst is quite disappointing.

It’s clear enough to say that the majority of people are influenced by their jobs in many ways, but it’s completely incompetent to produce a movie that can only be taken at face value. Perhaps this is why I dislike mainstream movies so much. It’s somewhat depressing, and insulting that movie studios get away with these half-assed tactics. It’s like they’re assuming (and somewhat correctly) that the general public doesn’t understand human behavior. Is it too complex to have a deep character with a rich personality as its’ base? Something should honestly be done about how about 80% of the movies released in big theaters have no connection with anything other than temporary entertainment.




In Rainbows

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Practice video

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I made this yesterday to test my skills with vegas.


Although youtube was temporarily down.

3rd Job

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I became level 70, and it’s great.

Although it’s hard to know what to do, now, I have reached a good milestone.

Here is the video I have created.


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I love racing games.

I love rally racing games.

I really want this game.

The menu is so amazing, I was seriously just having a vigasm (visual orgasm) at the design.

The demo came out last night, I believe and I downloaded it.

My friend was over and althought the title is a bit unoriginal it called for some really obvious jokes.

“Oh man, I just got so much DiRT on my fucking car!”

etc.. Fun night overall, but this game comes out June 19th, by then I will be out of school and hopefully playing this game for a while during the summer. I heard it will have up to 100 players racing simultaneously on xbox live; BUT, they are going to be “Ghost” cars. The developers said they know a lot of players will be unhappy with this decision, but it’s the only way to have such massive races. I can imagine how hard the 360 would be working to display and render 100 different vehicles all with their own physics. Damn.


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My 3rd video has reached an honor due to basilmarket acceptance.

Thanks, mr. basil.

Anyway, due to popular misconception, my failing of highschool is not solely based on MapleStory, if it were I would be a much higher level.

I’m not emo, I’m not suicidal.


I’ll release more videos soon.


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My new series of videos.

It is a combination of gameplay footage, video recording (real life). Documenting the life and individuality that everyone has, and may not know when confrontation occurs in media such as online games.

A new genre.

“The internet is cruel, and doesn’t care what you have done with your life, or what is affecting it.”

I’m sorry, I’m too lazy and I don’t have enough help to create a full-length video yet. So I’m going to chose to release it in Parts when I feel like doing so.  Either way, there seems to be no one interested in them. 😛

Creating a .gif

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I made this gif for myself for use on

Anyone is free to use it too.

I came across…

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A very cool wordpress.